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USB Secure version 2.1.1 – For Immediate Release:

Contact: Steve Frank

Title: Marketing Manager


Email: [email protected]

Address: 9450 SW Gemini Dr, ECM# 37715, Beaverton, OR 97008, USA


USB Secure version 2.1.1 comes with minor bugs have been resolved in the GUI interface.

Beaverton Oregon – January, 13th, 2017 – The USB drive is perhaps the most convenient of tools for professionals, students and anyone who likes to keep their data to themselves. One might debate that the cloud has made USB storage devices redundant, well that’s not the case – at least for now. First off all, people have issues with trust when it comes to keeping their data in the cloud. Second, the cloud is not always reliable because it requires the user to have internet access. Consequently, these two factors leave only one option for users, and that is to keep their receptive data on USB flash drives. However, USB flash drives can be prone to loss and theft – making them even more unsecure compared to cloud storage. However, the issue with portable data security can easily be overcome, given that the users safeguard his or her data with USB security software.


For more advanced users, USB Secure also gives the option to modify files through a virtual drive. This ensures that you don’t have to completely unprotect your USB drive. The virtual drive mode ensures protection in case you forget to lock your UBS drive after unlocking it. To learn more, please click on the following link:




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