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App Lock & Gallery Vault – For Immediate Release:

Contact: Steve Frank

Title: Marketing Manager

Company: New

Email: [email protected]

Address: 9450 SW Gemini Dr, ECM# 37715, Beaverton, OR 97008, USA


App Lock & Gallery Vault is all you need to keep sensitive data safe on your Android phone.

Beaverton Oregon – March, 25th, 2015 As technology progresses and becomes more complex, our lives seem to be directly affected as a result of this change. For example, before smart phones became main stream, people didn’t really have an actual need for smart phones. People were able find their way around without the help of GPS; they didn’t have the urge to share their status update on facebook whenever they feel like it. Before smart phones, people could care less about taking selfies – in fact, back then, there was no such thing as a selfie.


Consequently, today it’s hard to imagine your life without a smart phone. However, if we really weigh the pros and cons of smart phones, people would certainly agree on one fact – smart phone security – especially Android security – is considerably flawed. Sure we can install antivirus software on our phones and hope for the best; however, simply installing an antivirus program does in no way guarantees your privacy. Today, the world is plagued by digital piracy, such as data leaks, e-black mail, and corporate hacking incidents. As a result, users have become increasing self-conscious about strangers looking into their private digital lives i.e. such as their smart phones.


Users need an all-inclusive solution that can guarantee their privacy on their Android smart phones. As a result, has developed App Lock & Gallery Vault which is an all-in-one data privacy solution for your Android smart phone. This app is capable of locking any application on your phone in just a matter of seconds. Additionally, you can take images and videos securely and password-protect them using encryption. To learn more, please click on the following link:




E-mail: [email protected]

Company website: