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File & Password Vault iPhone – For Immediate Release:


Contact: Steve Frank

Title: Marketing Manager

Company: New

Email: [email protected]

Address: 9450 SW Gemini Dr, ECM# 37715, Beaverton, OR 97008, USA


File & Password Vault launched with dynamic security features.

Beaverton Oregon – Jan, 14th, 2015 The smart phone is certainly known to be one of man’s greatest inventions. One can check his or her email from the palm of their hand, make calls long distance for free using the various free calling apps, check account balance and make transactions using smart phone banking apps. Therefore, the smart phone – without a doubt – is perhaps the most widely adapted technological tool for mankind. There is little that smart phones cannot do in respects to computing. On the other hand, there is a darker side to using smart phones, as they usually contain a gold mine worth of personal information. Your photos, your videos, your emails, your usernames and password, your documents and other personal information can be used to commit various crimes. Transgressions such identity theft, e-black mail and stalking are to name a few crimes that can be committed using your personal information extracted from your smart phone.


Accordingly, unlike laptops and desktop computers which usually remain stationary, smart phones are portable and people take them virtually everywhere they go. Thus, with smart phones being extremely mobile and being smaller in size in comparison to laptops and desktops, they are far more likely to be lost or stolen. Consequently, most people have extended warranties that cover such losses, so most people aren’t worried if they end up losing their smart phone – given they don’t have any personal data saved on the device. However, that’s not always the case, as many people have delicate data saved on their smart phones – and that is something that holds the most value to criminals. In the past, it wasn’t possible to reliably secure the data on your smart phone, and many people became victims of e-fraud.


Realizing this growing menace, New has developed File & Password Vault – a digital safe for your smart phone. With this app, you can confidently save all your documents, pictures, videos as well as your user credentials and passwords. To learn more about File & Password Vault app, please click on the following link:




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