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Folder Lock 7.3.0 – For Immediate Release:


Contact: Steve Frank

Title: Marketing Manager

Company: New

Email: [email protected]

Address: 9450 SW Gemini Dr, ECM# 37715, Beaverton, OR 97008, USA


Folder Lock Version 7.3.0  Released with improved Secured Backup capabilities.

Beaverton Oregon – June, 25th, 2014 the world may seem to be progressing at a rapid pace, and it certainly is. Perhaps man’s biggest innovation in recent history has to do with technology, such as the internet, computers and smart phones. If we look back twenty years from now, personal information didn’t hold much value in eyes of criminals – they were just after your cold-hard-cash. Today, criminals are after something more valuable – your personal information. Crimes such as identity theft, e-black mail and other related transgressions are surging, and authorities are helpless in fighting them. One reason for such surges in e-crime has to do with the lack of laws pertaining to internet crime, and the inability of some countries in enforcing enforce their own e-laws.


That’s because information is money, and relevant information can result in big bucks for criminals. Information stolen through hacked computers such as social security numbers, passport copies and other relevant information can enable a criminal to assume the stolen identity. Using that stolen identity, criminals are able to apply for credit cards, loans and even commit felonies in the victim’s name. To make matters worse, it becomes nearly impossible to convict criminals who conduct e-crime, one reason is that the actual crime has been committed online, and therefore, it becomes nearly impossible to track down perpetrators. In addition to that, data stored on portable storage devices such as USB drives are more susceptible to theft, than data stored on stationary devices.


Luckily, with the advent of cloud technology, USB drives are losing their appeal. This is because, cloud storage is more convenient and far more secure – given that most cloud service providers encrypt your data. Relatively, Folder Lock’s secured backup is also amongst the most trusted backup and cloud solutions. The feature that sets apart secured backup storage from the rest of its competitors is that it’s integrated within Folder Lock’s interface. Thus, it enables Folder Lock users to take advantage of cloud storage capabilities with extreme convenience. Recently, Secured Backup has been improved, resulting in 35 percent faster syncing. In addition to that, some minor bugs have resolved.


Existing Folder Lock users can upgrade for free, simply by downloading the latest version: Download Now!




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