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Folder Lock 7.2.5 – For Immediate Release:

Contact: Steve Frank

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Address: 9450 SW Gemini Dr, ECM# 37715, Beaverton, OR 97008, USA


Folder Lock 7.2.5 released, updated with new anti-hacking algorithm.

Beaverton Oregon – February, 27rd, 2014 – The advent of information technology has changed the dynamics of how we store and share information. Today, data has become such a valuable asset, that criminals would take all possible measures in order to steal it. To make matters worse, statistics show that data leaks and identity fraud has seen a rise of 36.9 percent since 2011, a dramatic rise which has haunted information security professionals around the globe. So, what’s fueling this surge in data theft? Well, according to Ian Murphy, Senior Information security analyst for, it has to do with multiple factors. For once, as data becomes more synonyms with monetary value, criminals are further motivated to steal it. Second, people are increasingly saving personal information on their mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones – if someone happens to lose or misplace these devices – chances are good that their personal information could be compromised. Third, it is important to realize that e-crime has no boundaries, for example: you could be surfing on the internet in Idaho, and someone from Russia or Ukraine can attack your PC – stealing your identity and your money – leaving you helpless – as there are no laws or technology which can facilitate the prosecution of these perpetrators.


Last but not least, people often store crucial information on their PCs and laptops without encrypting them – especially those who store corporate related data on their computers – as they are the most venerable to attacks from hackers. That’s because, corporate information can be worth millions or perhaps even billions of dollars, and this is reason why e-criminals take such great measures to steal data. Luckily, today, software like Folder Lock can not only safeguard corporate data, but can also keep-safe the data of the average person – since Folder Lock is affordable – anyone can protect their precious data from hackers.


In recent months, corporate and personal data theft has seen a dramatic rise, as new hacking technology and techniques are being utilized by various hacking groups. Realizing this imminent threat, has launched a major update for Folder Lock 7 which includes a more advanced encryption algorithm, developed to withstand even the most sophisticated hacking attempts.

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