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Folder Lock for Android 1.0.0 – For Immediate Release:

Contact: Steve Frank

Title: Marketing Manager

Company: New

Email: [email protected]

Address: 9450 SW Gemini Dr, ECM# 37715, Beaverton, OR 97008, USA


Folder Lock for Android 1.0.0 launched in response to rising concerns for Android data Security.

Beaverton Oregon – November, 21st, 2013 – Smartphones have become an integral part our digital lives by helping us become more productive in our personal and professional lives. Thanks to smartphones, one can access unlimited amount of information – on the go – right from these handheld devices. However, with all new inventions, all is not perfect. Today, smartphones are hot target for criminals, not only for their hardware value, but also for the data contained within that Smartphone. Personal information such as credit cards, personal photographs, private voice memos and sensitive PDF documents can end up being quite useful for criminals. Although, all mobile operating platforms come with some sort of data security features – it’s not enough – especially in the case of Android operating platform. Research shows that Android users are more at risk of becoming targets of identity fraud compared to windows phone and iPhone users. According to New Software’s senior data security analyst, Ian Murphy, Android has overtaken iOS in popularity, capturing virtually 80 percent of the market share for smartphones. The rise of Android popularity is due to numerous factors. First, it assortment of handsets and OS customizability suits users preferences. Second, its open source platform makes it popular amongst developers. Other non-significant features include its ability to automatically upload images to Google plus and its capability to automatically update most applications. Finally, its vast availability of free application also plays a noteworthy part in giving rise to its popularity.

Moreover, with the rising recognition of Android phones combined with its open platform, the risk has further increased for users’ data security. That’s because, an open platform requires infallible data security measures in order to defend users privacy. Therefore, there’s a great demand for all inclusive data security application that still exists today. Therefore, after widespread success from Folder Lock 7, we have decided to launch a FREE comprehensive data security application for Android – Folder Lock for Android 1.0.0. Folder Lock for Android has an uncomplicated and easy to use interface – expressly designed for user-friendliness – boasting a fresh, clean interface.




Folder Lock lets you password-protect your personal photographs, videos, music files, documents, record discreet voice memos, create secured notes, lets you create wallets for saving card-related details, and finally, the app has a built in private browser which lets you surf the internet inconspicuously. Folder Lock for Android is available for free and can be downloaded from the Play Store:


Full Copy Available On Request



Google Play Store:

E-mail: [email protected]

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