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Contact: Steve Frank

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Address: 9450 SW Gemini Dr, ECM# 37715, Beaverton, OR 97008, USA


Folder Lock – All New! Folder Lock 7 Launches Soon!

New the worldwide leader in data protection and End-to-End information security solutions, today announced the much awaited launch of it’s flagship product Folder Lock. This is a major launch of it’s award winning data encryption and data security product that has seen sustained customers loyalty over the years.

What’s so special about Version 7?

Folder Lock 7, just like its predecessor Folder Lock 6, retains its award winning and enhanced data encryption feature. All encryption in Folder lock 7 is based on the U.S military 256-bit AES algorithm and encrypts and decrypts data on-the-fly, which means further security for your data and information as the whole process is carried out in virtual memory instead of your hard drive. Since no data remnants are left over, hackers and other unauthorized people will not be able to access your data without permission.


Folder Lock 7 stores and protects your files inside what are called Lockers, which are encrypted storage files that can only be accessed with the correct password. These Lockers are unique in that they are dynamic and can expand in size, allowing you the flexibility to choose a maximum Locker size to protect your data. You can further move your Lockers to a USB drive or CD/DVD for portability. With portable Lockers, the Auto Play feature in portable Lockers allows you to run, execute, and decrypt your data even on computers where you don’t have Folder Lock installed.

With Folder Lock 7, New has introduced an online backup solution which allows you to backup your encrypted Lockers to an online digital storage box of your own. This feature enhances data security for your information as you are now able to not only encrypt and protect your data through Lockers, but also backup these Lockers far away from madding situations which create data breach scenarios. All connections to your online account provide true 128-bit SSL encryption, which can calculate 288 times as many combinations as 40-bit encryption. With that calculation, the 128-bit encryption is over a trillion times a trillion times stronger. And given the resources of data hackers and other unscrupulous individuals or entities that are always on the prowl to gain access to your information and data, this 128-bit encryption is so strong that, even at current computing speeds, a hacker that is well equipped to perform such an attack, for example, using brute force, would still require a trillion years to break into an SSL encrypted session. This not only maximizes your data’s integrity, but also enhances protection of your information through a comprehensive End-to-End security mechanism. All processes are run behind-the scene and allow you to focus on the things that matter – securing your data from unwanted access.


With the standard features that have made Folder Lock a known name in the data security category, the application retains its standard data security features including Lock Files, Protect USB/CD, Clean History, Shred Files, and introduces a new feature in Make Wallets, which are your very own digital e-Wallets to store your confidential and personal information like bank accounts, credit cards, financial and investment data, social security information, immigration data, as well as your insurance cards, debit cards, contact details, and so much more. Wallets are also protected with encrypted passwords and passwords are the ONLY way to access your data and stored information in Folder Lock 7.


It no longer matters where you store your data on your computer. With Folder Lock 7 installed on your PCs, you can rest assured that you have the best means to protect your data and secure your information from prying eyes. Folder Lock 7 provides U.S government-level data encryption, Windows Kernel-level Locking mechanism, Hack Monitoring control panel, Stealth Mode capabilities, Data Shredding, Auto Protection, Portable USB Auto Play feature, and Virtual Keyboard, Folder Lock 7 goes beyond most traditional data protection applications.

Folder Lock 7 supports multiple users with one administrative user having master control over the application.


Folder Lock is priced at $59.95 (US) for a single user license and may be purchased online at

For multi-user licenses, site licenses, and academic licenses, you can download a fully functional evaluation copy from

For more information please contact: [email protected]


Full Copy Available On Request

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