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Please review these policies carefully as they are the terms of sale that govern your purchases at the New Store. They set out your rights and obligations with respect to your purchases, including important limitations and exclusions, such as those in NewSoftwares LLC product warranties. Your placement of an order at the NewSoftwares LLC Store constitutes your agreement that these policies apply to the order, so be certain you understand them before you place your order.

The following terms constitute the purchase terms of New products and services including payment security, credit card safety and refund policy.

Payment Security and Credit Card Safety

NewSoftwares LLC has a trusted user base with over 25 million+ of its products. That trust is based on our ability to nurture and build strategic relationships with our partners in payment processing and data hosting services. NewSoftwares LLC utilizes ecommerce solutions from famous third-party solutions like Plimus, RegNow, BMTMicro and TrialPay. All of these are well-known companies and we use their services for promotional as well as technical reasons. All our ecommerce partners use 128-bit SSL encryption to transmit your payments details to their own servers. These servers are PCI complaint and even we do not have access to the payment details you submit through our order forms. You can always rest assured that your payments are totally safe.

Refund Policy

Please note there may be limitations on your right to return and obtain a refund for products.

Accepted Circumstances

This agreement doesn’t apply to you if the concerned product has not be activated (converted to a full version by using purchased registration details) on your computer. If however, you have activated the product by properly purchasing it from one of our official resellers, affiliates or ecommerce providers and you purchased it not more than 30 days before the date of sending us this refund request, a refund can be offered to you based on any of the following conditions:

  • If a defect is found in the product and our technical support staff cannot provide a fix or work-around within 14 days;
  • You did not receive your registration details for the product within 72 hours or;
  • If you did not received the product as it was described to you or as it performed in it’s trial mode.

In all the above cases, a refund can be offered by our technical support team who will required you the following items via email (pdf) at support [at] or via fax at +1 (503) 536-6895:

  • A copy of your invoice/email – sent to you when you made your purchase which includes your name, address, invoice number and/or order number.
  • A description of the problem you found in the software.
  • A letter of software destruction, with signed statement that you have uninstalled the software, removed registration details sent to you and a disclaimer as given below in the sample letter of Software Destruction.

Please note that since we provide a trial version of the product for you to test before asking you to purchase anything from our website, we will not refund you if the product performed exactly like the trial mode (of course without limitations). Any reason for refund, other than the reasons given above would not be honored. Below is a sample letter of software destruction you’re required to send us:

To be completed by the Customer


Letter of Software Destruction (Sample)

Dear NewSoftwares LLC,

I/We request a refund on my/our order of the product: (mention product name here).

I confirm that:

1. I have uninstalled the abovesaid product and all its traces and files from my computer and I have taken whatever measures necessary to dispose of the media that I received with the product.

2. I have destroyed, deleted and completely removed the activation / registration details that I received upon ordering the abovesaid product.

3. I will NEVER reuse the abovesaid product’s activation / registration details as obtained unless I register another copy of the abovesiad product.

4. I agree to the ‘End User License Agreement’ of the abovesaid product in it’s entirety and legal consequences that it constitutes in case of false declarations and misrepresentations.

5. NewSoftwares LLC can deactivate my product’s registration at their own end and block me from their internet based registration checks so that I can not activate the product again with the same registration informaiton on any computer.

Below is the reason for the refund:

Reason: (mention the reason for your refund here)

Please find my sales receipt: (paste here or attach sales recipt)

I swear under penalty of perjury, that I will be held legally accountable if any of the information given above is false.


Signature: (your sign here)

Customer Name: (your full name here)

Dated: (today’s date)

NewSoftwares LLC shall refund the purchase price of the NewSoftwares LLC Product to the customer and report the product as “Destroyed” once this letter has been executed by the customer and received at NewSoftwares LLC. You will also receive an email as a confirmation of the refund of your purchase.

Exceptions to Refund/Exchange Policy

We generally DO NOT refund or exchange under these circumstances:

  • Just because you made a ‘mistake’ when ordering.
  • Just because you changed your mind after ordering.
  • Refunds of technical support plans just because you never ended up needing support.
  • Because you purchased on the recommendation of someone without actually going through the description of the product or requiring the software or buying it without first trying out the trial version.