The range of files we might have in our possession ranges from confidential to non-confidential files. Some of them are of utmost importance while some are not that important. For example, your life’s research work on a topic could be stored on a word file. However, the same format is usually used to write an average document or similar kind of stuff. Technology has brought so much convenience to use that our writing abilities have increased and we no longer have to carry a physical pen or paper to store our thoughts.

How to Password Protect Files?

You can password-protect files with a single-click using some smart techniques but a better method is always to use a reliable file-security software. Folder Lock is a file-locking and password-protection product that lets you password protect even TBs of files in seconds. You have the option either to only lock files and folders or encrypt them using on-the-fly AES-256 encryption.

Now the question is how will you choose between encryption and locking? If you’re someone who’s interested in protecting your files without alteration to those files and want it to be quick; simply use ‘Lock Files’ feature. However, keep in mind that locking is not completely secure but hack able by a technically sound hacker.

However, encryption is highly secure and is unbreakable. The only CON is that it takes a few more seconds if you’re dealing with huge amount of files. But compared to other encryption product it’s rather quick! It takes around 10 seconds to create a 2 TB Locker which is phenomenal speed.

The Wikipedia article on AES-256 bit encryption claims that if all the resources (computers and devices including super computers) on earth are used to break the encryption of AES-256 bit encrypted file with a suitable password; it would take more than 13.7 billion years (age of the universe) for it to break.

Password protecting your important files and folders is the only way you can rid yourself from both online as well as offline threats. Whether a hacker who tries to bypass your firewall or a co-worker who attempts to break into your files; thanks to the Hack Attempt Monitoring feature, both will be traced and tracked and won’t be able to view your files.

On top of these features, Folder Lock offers more than 25 different privacy settings that you can use to add multiple layers of time-based, user-based, online and offline based protection to your files. For example, the Secure Backup feature can be used to back up your encrypted files on an encrypted cloud so that you can retrieve your files back in case your PC crashes or your laptop is stolen or if you lose your data.

Folder Lock uses Windows kernel level password-protection methods if you’re using ‘Lock Files’ and works even in Windows Safe Mode unlike other file-locking products that are easily hack able by loading Windows in Safe Mode. You can also password protect files on USB drives and flash disk of any size using Protect USB feature in the product.

Apart from all the features that you can use to protect your files; there are features like file shredder, empty hard drive space shredder, history cleaner, wallets and cards, auto protection, password settings, stealth mode and more. You can download Folder Lock from here.

How to Hide Photos?

Folder Lock can hide photos and images you cherish. Whether they are family photos or personal pictures and videos you’ve collected over the years. You can hide any photo by either locking or encrypting it or both. You have the option to hide photos any way you want.

Back in the days of polarize photos we used to keep photos that are dear to us in albums. In the digital age, we have a much unmanaged collection of photos and family pictures that can easily get misplaced or deleted. Some of them are in our phone; some in our PC and some in our Camera. Wouldn’t it be great if we have one place for all of them with added password protection and backup so that they never get lost?

This is exactly what Folder Lock helps you accomplish. It lets you hide these photos and images instantly and keep them in digital Lockers. Whether it’s your kids who share your laptop; your wife who’s curious about what you keep on your computer or co-worker sitting next to your seat; Folder Lock’s password protection and stealth mode features makes it possible to maintain complete privacy.

Folder Lock is available for Windows, iPhone and Android. You can install it on each of these devices and can feel confident that you have secured those photos and videos from peeking eyes. Folder Lock can be used on all Windows User accounts simultaneously with each Windows user having their own personal lockers and locked files list. Each Windows user is treated as a different user.

So let’s say, if your wife wants to use it to maintain her privacy needs and you have yours; both of you can use Folder Lock even on the same PC on different Windows User accounts. Furthermore, you can use Secure Backup feature to keep an encrypted backup of your photos. Anytime your photos get deleted or your laptop is crashed or broken; you can always restore them back without any worry.

It’s a onetime investment but a life time peace of mind. Folder Lock is available for a free trial so you can try it and buy only if you want to continue to use it. Give Folder Lock a try by downloading the application from here.


Know that your files while kept in your system or PC are always at threat from either one or the other direction. Your IP address is all that is needed for a hacker to find your system, get access to it and take advantage out of your hard work. In addition, built-in protection or security of files is an option that does exist but its reliability is still at question. Similarly, the time for relying on anti-viruses are long gone and such option does not prove to be sufficient any longer. Make sure you are not still under the cloak of such security as it is as good as void.