CD/DVD came into existence almost two decades ago. They were launched for different categories such as songs, videos, documents etc. In the beginning, there was no such idea of putting a password on a drive, as there was not any need of it. Now, there exists the option of burning files to the CDs and DVDs quickly. Since what you burn to your CD must be of equal importance, password protection to such disks seems to be an important decision for today. However, know that you cannot burn data in its simplest form to CDs rather you need to convert store them in portable lockers which are eligible to be transferred to the disks easily.

How to Password Protect CD/DVD?

Folder Lock offers you multiple options on protecting your data, one of the ways is encrypting your data on CD/DVD drives. With this feature you can convert your existing lockers into convertible types and burn them onto a CD/DVD disc. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about not being able to access your lockers on other PCs as the portable lockers are self-executable and do not need Folder Lock to run in the background.


Each individual locker is protected with military grade encryption, ensuring that if you ever end up misplacing your CD or DVD, your data is guaranteed to stay safe.


To start protecting your data on CD/DVDs, follow the simple procedure below:


Folder Lock generates unique lockers (.EXE) these are considered self-executable and independent (*.exe) along with the portable Locker with its Protect USB/CD feature. Please remember that if the standard locker(s) are being converted into portable Lockers, a self-executable application (.EXE) will be limited to 4GB in size.


To burn your lockers onto a CD/DVD, click ‘Protect CD/DVD option and follow the steps outlined below:


From here you’ll have to choose the locker which need to be protected. Now, select the location of the drive, from here simply click on ‘Next’. Once done, click on ‘Finish’.



Lets you Burn data to the CDs/DVDs instead of USB drives and external drives

Does not ask you to install Folder Lock onto another device. CD would run on another system without installing Folder Lock.

This software creates rare/unique lockers that are termed to be self-executable and are independent.