How to secure and save Contacts in Folder Lock for Android

  • To create contact group, tap on the “add” button on top bar, type in the group name, select group e.g. Family, Work etc. and save it.
  • To rename the Group, tap on the “rename icon” to change the group name.
  • To Delete Group, tap on the “delete” button.
  • Tap on the default group where you want to add your contacts.
  • To add contacts, tap on the “add” button on the top bar, type in the needed data and save it.
  • To delete contacts, tap on “delete” icon.
  • To rename contacts, tap on the “rename” icon and type in the new name.
  • To import contacts, tap on the “import contacts” button located at the bottom of the bar, check the desired contacts and tap on “import” / “import all” button.
  • To send group SMS, tap on the ‘group SMS’ button, check the desired contacts in current group and tap the ‘SMS’ button or ‘select all’ button located in the bottom bar. Furthermore, type in the message and send it.