One Plus X Scheduled For October 29 Launch

Michelle Rossevelt

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One plus is planning to launch a new phone, the One plus X. However, only a few lucky people will be invited to purchase the limited number of handsets. According to a Chinese website, the co-founder of One Plus, Carl Pei will be holding a launch event in London and Beijing on October 29. According to the leaked information, the One plus X will be smaller than its siblings – the one plus one and the one plus two – though it would have less premium features, resulting in a cheaper price.

one plus X phone launch
one plus X phone launch

There have been a lot of false rumors regarding the phone on the internet; many of those claimed facts have been determined to be false. After a little digging, I have been able to verify the true specs for this phone, so here they are: The screen on this phone will be no larger the 5.5 inches. There are also some solid rumors claiming that the rear camera has a 13 megapixel sensor and notification slider.

One Plus Company Profile:

You may be wondering who is or what is One Plus, and what is all the hype about? One Plus is a smartphone manufacturer headquartered in China. Despite its Chinese origins, the company has a unique ideology which focuses on developing phones with high-end specs at a very low price, making it more affordable for the masses to afford a high-end smartphones without lightening their wallets. One Plus phones also come with CyanogenMod, making them extremely popular with smartphones enthusiasts. As a result, One Plus phones have become extremely popular in the United States and other Western nations; in fact these phones are so popular, that buyers have to be invited for purchases.

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