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How to password protect CD/DVD?


Folder Lock lets you protect your personal data and important information is protected in a variety of ways, both in PC and portable drives and offers backup of protected files to a secure online storage.

In portable devices, Folder Lock lets you convert your Lockers into standalone applications that are portable and self-executable (*.exe), and helps you password Protect CD/DVDs . You do not necessarily have to create portable Lockers on any external storage devices. Your portable Lockers can also be created on fixed drives and then copied/burned to your CDs/DVDs. Burning your portable Lockers to your CDs/DVDs adds flexibility to your data protection needs wherever you go. Plus, you do not have to install Folder Lock on the end-computer in order to view and execute your portable Lockers. Simply run the self-executables, enter the correct password, and access your data anywhere. This hybrid nature of Lockers let you keep data protected and synced in multitude of devices at the same time with complete portability.


Encryption within Folder Lock uses government-level 256-bit AES encryption algorithm to store and protect your important files and folders. ALL Lockers, whether portable or otherwise, can store any number of files as they are dynamic and resizable.


Protecting your portable data with Folder Lock is a breeze. In order to password protect CDs/DVDs, you will need to follow the instructions below.


Folder Lock creates standalone applications (.EXE) that are portable and self-executable (*.exe) along with the portable Locker with its Protect USB/CD feature. Please remember that if the Locker(s) being converted into portable Lockers, a self-executable application (.EXE) will be created for Lockers up to 4 GBs in size. If the Lockers being burned are more than 4 GBs in size, then a separate .EXE file will be created on the CD/DVD along with the portable Locker. You can then simply execute them on any computer and enter the correct password to access your data even if you don't have Folder Lock installed.

To convert and burn your Locker files to CDs/DVDs, simply go to the Protect USB/CD feature in Folder Lock and click on the 'Protect CD/DVD' option on the screen (see image below) which will take you to the Welcome screen where you will need to click on 'Next' to continue to the wizard.

Next, select the Locker file you wish to convert and burn to CD/DVD. Next, select the drive where the CD/DVD is inserted, and then click 'Next' to start the process. Finally, click on the 'Finish' button to close the wizard.

To open your portable Locker on a computer as an administrator, then all you have to do is to double-click the portable Locker from the CD/DVD, and enter the portable Locker password. Your portable Locker will open as a self-executable explorer and it will open on the selected drive (default is Z:\).


Note: To open a Portable Locker that you have created from a Basic Locker (NTFS), you must have administrative privileges.


If you wish to access your portable Locker on a computer with non-administrative rights, simply double-click the portable Locker from CD/DVD, and confirm if whether you have administrative rights or are a non-administrative user. If you click 'YES' to administrative user, you will need to enter the computer administrative password, and upon verification, you will need to enter the portable Locker password. Once you have entered the portable Locker password, your portable Locker will mount on your selected drive with Read-Only access. If you said 'NO' to the administrative user question, you will need to enter the portable Locker password, and upon verification of your password, your portable Locker will open in Self Explorer as a self-executable as Read-Only.



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  • I like the way Folder Lock makes it a snap to protect sensitive files and folders quickly. How could it be simpler...


    Jane Blevins (Victoria, Australia)

  • The nice people at Folder lock sent me a key to use because I had already bought the program. That's good service!


    William, Fox (Illinois, USA)

  • This program is absolutely brilliant!! I congratulate you. I don't think there will ever be another one like it and, if there is, it could never be as good.


    Edward Nicholls (Pennsylvania, USA)

  • I must take this opportunity to thank you for the patience and tenacity displayed while endeavoring to solve my problem.


    Dave Johnson (Florida, USA)

  • The application does exactly what it should do, lock folders. You can choose the level of security you want, based on your needs.


    Timothy birchler (Maine, USA)

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