Find out how you can Lock Videos in Folder Lock for Windows Phone 8

  • To lock videos, login into the Folder Lock, and tap on the “Videos” located in the main features.
  • To create an album, tap on the “add” command in the App bar and label your album. Furthermore, save the created album.
  • To rename your album, tap on the “edit” command & click on the “rename” icon on the album. Furthermore, type in your new album name.
  • To delete your album, tap on the “delete” command & click on the “delete” icon on your album.
  • Tap any created/default album where you want to lock your videos.
  • You can import videos from the internet and SD card & you also have the option to record videos directly from within Folder Lock’s interface.
  • Record from Camera: Tap on the camera command in the App bar & take images(s) using default phone camera and save it.
  • Import from Internet: Tap on the internet command in the App bar & search for your desired video(s) in the browser. Furthermore, tap on the “video” icon and save it.
    Note: all the downloaded videos will be saved in the default album “My Videos”.
  • Import from SD Card: Tap on the SD card command in the App bar & browse through your SD card data. Furthermore, select your desired video(s) & now tap on the import command to save it into the album.
    Note: in order to move the picture(s) from the SD card to Folder Lock, you need to connect your Windows Phone with a computer and then manually add ‘. fl’ at the end of each video’s name. For example: Car.mp4 to car.mp4.fl.
  • To rename your video(s), tap on the rename icon on the video and type out your desired name.
  • To delete video(s), tap on the “edit” command, select your desired video(s) and tap on the delete command.
  • To export photos, tap on the “edit” command in the App bar, select photo(s) and tap the export command.
  • To move photos, tap on the “edit” command & select your desired photos. Furthermore, tap on the move command and select an album.