How To Care For Your Smartphone’s Battery

care Smartphone’s battery

Smart phones are nothing short of a modern miracle. These handheld devices are capable of doing virtually every task, with few limitations. Thus, given their capabilities, they should be cherished and taken care of. However, many users neglect their smart phones and do little to protect them from various hazards. Whether you use your phone in the bathroom, while eating (tapping away with your dirty hands), letting you toddler play with it or neglect its security by not having an antivirus installed or worst of all, not using an app that lock files and folders, you are doing great injustice to your security and your investment – your smart phone. However, even if you take care of your smart phone on the outside, chances are you are doing great damage to its battery without even realizing it. Consequently, the following are some helpful tips on extending the life of your smart phone’s battery.

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Selfie – The Expression Of Idiocy!

Expression of Selfie

The selfie has become the latest craze, thanks to smart phones. Yet, in my opinion it is also the most annoying thing one can do, though not as annoying as sharing pictures of ultrasounds and babies. However, political rants can be also more annoying than selfies. Nonetheless, selfies are annoying one way or another, and yes, they are at the top of my list of most exasperating things.

I fail to understand why people are so obsessed with taking selfies, so I decided to do some research on it and here’s what I found: According to scientific findings, the selfie is an expression of one’s ego. By taking one’s picture doing various things in different environment, the selfie taker is asking for attention from his or her social group. Be it at the gym working out; behind the wheel of a sports car or taking a selfie on the beach – wearing that very skinny bikini. The selfie is a cry for attention and acknowledgement. Selfies that are explicit in nature are also shared widely on the internet – most notably instagram and facebook –instead of being safeguarded with a gallery lock.

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IPhone 6S And 6S Plus Launched—What Apple Has To Offer Now

What Apple Has To Offer Now

Apple has just introduced the new members of the iPhone family to the world, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Both the new models carry the same design and physical dynamics as their preceding iPhones, i.e iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. But, the latest versions of the iPhone have a bundle of new features. There were a few rumors circulating before the launch of the new models of Apple’s flagship phones. Some of them turn out to be true and others just proved to be a fantasy. Lets have a look at some of the new features or enhancement that Apple has made in their new smartphones.

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