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How Tos!

Step by step instructions on how to use Folder Lock for Android

How to secure Wallet’s Card?


  • To secure your Wallet on Folder Lock, Login into your Folder Lock account & tap on the “Wallet” in the main features.
  • To create wallet, tap on the “add” button on the Top bar, write the name of the wallet and save it.
  • To rename the wallet, tap on the “rename” icon and assign it a new name.
  • To delete the wallet, tap on the “delete” icon and tap “Yes” to delete the wallet.
  • Tap any created wallet where you want to lock your card’s information.

You can save the information of the following card types:
Bank Account
Business Card
Business Info
Credit Card
General Purpose
Health and Hygiene
ID/Social Security No

  • Tap on My Wallet/User defined wallet & click on the “create card” button on the top bar. Furthermore, select the desired card, enter the information & save it.
  • To delete a card, tap on the “delete” icon and tap on “Yes” to delete the respective card.
  • To edit any card, tap on the “edit” icon to edit the desired card’s information and save it.